Bundle discounts are available when you employ multiple services!  Remember, our goal is to bring you full circle in EVERY area of your financial foundation!


Income Tax Preparation & Filing

A Different Kind of Service

We perform tax preparation and filing for individuals and small businesses.  Services are rendered by a professional Accountant with nearly a decade of experience in the industry.  Some of the top advantages of choosing our practice over the chains and franchises include:


  • Specialization – A 24/7/365 (OK, not literally, but indeed full-time) Accountant is filing your tax return, not a part-time person who is engaged in something totally unrelated during the off season, not a data entry specialist who is simply putting information into software and relying on a computer to provide the correct output (many of these people don’t even know the difference between a deduction and a credit by the way), and certainly not someone who goes through a six week course and calls themselves a tax preparer.


  • Affordability – The explicit premise of this organization is furthering you financially, which means we are not overcharging or taking advantage of you based on your situation.  In fact, we provide quotes before we know your income or any credits that you may receive.  Fees start at just $185 for individuals and are as low as $50 for dependents claimed on someone else's return (e.g. a high school student who is claimed as a dependent on his parents' return).  Call or text us at 331-201-5330 or email us to get a FREE (and FAST) quote!  Please include your income types (W2, 1099-R, self employment, etc), anticipated filing status, and number of dependents.


  • Linked Profiles – When you employ one of our budgeting programs, your tax outcome is considered and we incorporate either the refund due to you or the taxes due from you into your profile.  Simply put, an ordinary company sends you on your way after you do business with them.  Here at GFR, we operate under the basis that you hire us to be FULLY engulfed in your financial circumstance and in achieving this, we adequately assess all components of your economic makeup.  We work with you to ensure that even if you get a refund, that you are using it in the most advantageous way to bring you closer to the goals you set for yourself in your program.  To that end, we are ALL IN!


  • Flexibility – We offer the option to have your tax prep fees deducted from your refund and know some resources that can get you your money FASTER even if you choose the traditional payment route!  When Jennifer did her taxes for the 2017 tax year, she filed on a Monday evening and had her refund at her disposal that Friday afternoon via direct deposit, AND she did not pay anything extra!  Side note: You can also receive your regular paycheck up to two days earlier with this very same direct deposit method!  This is YOUR money; don’t you want it ASAP?!


  • Mobility – Our services are on the road, we are not bound by a physical location; we can come to you if you'd like and also offer virtual tax prep!  Stay warm and toasty in your pajamas if you so desire!

Behavioral Budgeting Programs

Bridging the Gap

Many people are falsely under the impression that trading their time for dollars is the most productive way to accumulate wealth.  Commissioning that mindset will have a person working until they pass and having a mere fraction of what could have been substantially more to show for it.  Our job is to help people identify and break down the barriers that are hindering them from getting ahead financially so that they can ultimately create a ripple effect in their wallets.  When they discover how to seize control of their finances, they retain that momentum and exercise those same learned patterns as they continue on and have more assets to manage.  This leverage is essential and we strategically address the basics because much like a house, if the foundation is crumbling at the bottom, it doesn’t take long before the whole structure collapses. 

Our target audience is comprised of individuals who have difficulty creating and sustaining traction in their financial journeys, whether it be from not knowing how to establish a budget, not being well versed in the language of cash flow, or those feeling overwhelmed by the mere topic of money (or the lack of it).  We’re looking for people who want to end the absence of generational wealth that has plagued so many others, those that believe there HAS to be more to life than paying bills and dying, and those that want to get their finances under control themselves rather than going through a debt consolidation program.  If this sounds like you, let us know!


Although all program options are finite in length, the value received extends far beyond that time frame.  Click below if you're ready to break the cycle once and for ALL!




If you have more money than you know what to do with, our partnership would be mutually inefficient.  We serve those who require attention to their basic financial state of affairs rather than those who are already ahead of that pivotal curve.  Cheers to your success though!

Resume Writing

A Unique Approach

A recruiter or hiring manager may only spend several seconds contemplating if your resume speaks enough volume to warrant them considering you any further.  That means you have a VERY short span of time to really WOW them in order to avoid ending up in the TRASH.  Do you struggle with subject verb agreement or other grammatical idioms?  Do you have to sit and think through the correct usage of its vs it’s and your vs you’re?  Do you have trouble explaining what exactly it is that you do?  Are your formatting skills less than perfect?  Have you truly emphasized your key contributions in your previous roles?  Even if all of those pieces are in place, how are you separating yours from the hundreds of other resumes submitted?  Have you found the balance between highlighting your skills and strengths keenly and appearing too eager?  Strong attention to detail is one of the most commonly listed required skills on job postings.  If your resume lacks this vital attribute, how likely is it for the employer to dismiss you even if you would be a good fit for the role otherwise?  Are you willing to leave something so crucial as the trajectory of your career to idle chance?


In addition, the reality is that we still unfortunately live in times where a potential employer may discriminate based on a candidate’s name.  GFR constructs resumes that give rise to your experience, character, and overall presentation so that you are featured so prominently that employers cannot help but to notice YOU and the value you would bring to their organization!  Fees for this service start at just $50.

Interview Coaching

Bringing it Full Circle

CONGRATULATIONS on landing that interview!  We knew you would!  Do you know how to dress appropriately for it?  Have you gone through all the literature you could find online about how to nail an interview but when you practice in front of the mirror, you battle with putting the theory into application?  We coach on how to leave a lasting impression, how to stand out amongst the mounds of other interviewees, how to effectively market yourself and your expertise without sounding condescending, how to annihilate those dreaded “Tell me about a situation where you…” types of questions, and so much MORE!  Fees for this service start at just $50.

Goal Setting

Support & Guidance

Do you have a goal in your mind that you are not quite sure how to reach?  Do you think it is feasible but require some accountability to ensure you stay on track?  Does the goal seem so big that you feel defeated thinking about all the steps necessary to achieve the goal?  Maybe you have your budgeting under control at this point, but need some guidance on how to clean up some of your residual or aged matters.  Give us a shout; we can help with that!  Fees for this service start at just $50.

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