What is Behavioral Budgeting?

Everyone is rich, right?  This is NOT a trick question.  We all know the answer is NO!  This game is much deeper than just income and expenses.  You must absolutely spend less than what you bring in to achieve wealth, but the behavioral aspect is often the hardest for most people.  It is mistakenly overshadowed by the financial portion of this conversation because people falsely believe it ONLY involves the finances.


If that were true, why do the likes of MC Hammer, Tori Spelling, Toni Braxton, Nicolas Cage, and Mike Tyson have a unanimous theme of celebrities with financial woes?  Wouldn’t you say they achieved wealth?  Don’t you recognize their names just as easily as Serena Williams, Daymond John, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Brown, and Mark Zuckerberg?  What is the difference then?

It’s quite simple actually - it exists within their mindsets.  Some people exhibit the “living for the moment” mentality and others make strides for the future.  The point is this: it is not AT ALL about the amount of money you have; it is about the mindset in which you choose to function.

Let’s be clear - strategy is needed for both sides of this analysis, which is why we focus on both.  Our programs revolve around the complete business of YOU!  Our approach is unique because the programs are tailored to people who are trying to get a good grasp on the basics whereas most financial service companies are targeting people who already have wealth and just need direction on what to do with it.

Additionally, when you take a look at some debt relief and bankruptcy agencies, they help people get out of trouble when it is too late, so they address the symptom of the problem whereas Godiva addresses the source.  Those companies want you to repeatedly fail because that’s how they make their money - on your LACK of financial success.  Let’s say you cut your finger and blood is gushing out all over the place.  Sure, it might be nice to have someone clean up the blood splattered on the walls, but you need someone to help stop the bleeding first or else there will always be blood on the walls.  That’s our specialty!

What’s Included in the Programs?

Welcome back to school - you have homework prior to your first day of class!  This will include taking time to think about and formulate the goals you want to reach by the end of the program and beyond AND all the various components of your current financial picture: sources and amounts of income, expenses and their respective categories, spending habits, debt balances, interest rates, etc.  This critical assignment is due prior to the first session in order to get your coach up to speed about your situation, give them ample time to prepare specifically for your meeting, and maximize the time spent on executing your plan with you.  Does it sound overwhelming already?  Fear not – you will be provided a worksheet requesting every piece of information needed for your session and your coach will be available to answer any questions you have as you are gathering your info.  We’ve got you covered!


Program Highlights:


  • Financial topics: implementing and following a budget, designing a plan of attack for all outstanding debt, repairing and monitoring your credit, building short and long term savings, creating wealth, and MORE!


  • Behavioral topics: banishing destructive mindsets, engaging in healthy social relationships, breaking through emotional barriers that prevent you from moving forward in your journey, and MORE!


  • Customized programming: YOUR program is unique to YOU.  We only focus on the areas of personal finance that apply to you and that you want to improve upon.  After all, personal finance is PERSONAL!  In addition, whether you need an enforcer type or someone to just give you a gentle nudge, your coach’s personality will be aligned with your needs for maximal success!


  • Flexibility: You will NOT be bound by strict rules that aren’t sustainable long term – you get to keep SOME of your wants.  We help you find the balance between keeping your priorities straight and still living your life because extreme and excessive withdrawals don’t work.

Program Options:


Essential Budgeting

Program length - 8 weeks

Personalized 1:1 sessions - 6

Pricing - $225 individual/$325 couple


Preferred Budgeting

Program length - 12 weeks

Personalized 1:1 sessions - 9

Pricing - $360 individual/$460 couple


Premier Budgeting

Program length - 12 weeks

Personalized 1:1 sessions - 13

Pricing - $550 individual/$650 couple


Payment is due either

  • in full (qualifies for 5% discount) after first session or

  • in two installments with first half due after first session and second half due midway through program completion INTEREST FREE!


Don’t forget about our bundle discounts for employing multiple services!


We realize people are coming to us because they want to get themselves on track, but they might not have all of the immediate funds to get the ball rolling on that.  We are not in the business of taking advantage of people or being inflexible.  If you show us that you are trying and that THIS is what you really want, we can work with you!

Why Should I Sign Up?

If you are still struggling to see the value that we provide, ask yourself this question - what will it cost me not to?


Peace of mind

        Think of this as insurance in yourself; sometimes all you can count on is you, right?

        Become affluently prepared in cases of emergency

Generational cycles

        If you aren’t the example, how will your children learn this?

        This isn’t taught in most schools; YOU’RE the model for your children whether your habits are good or bad


        Aren’t you worth the investment in yourself?

        Are you living your best life?  If not, don’t you deserve to?


The fact of the matter is this - if you do what you’ve always done, your results will be what they’ve always been.

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