The Financial Counselor That Coaches

Meet the founder of Godiva Financial Resources - Jennifer Boukari.  As someone who has been no stranger to various financial hardships, she recognizes the need to share a multitude of economic disciplines with people.  It is not as simple as income less expenses; there is a LOT of behavioral psychology that plays into it.  When those two are in harmony however, great things ensue, and that is the very essence of this entity.


What Qualifies Her Exactly?

Good question – the short answer is life experience (which is arguably the best teacher) combined with a passion for numbers, people, and analyzing them collectively.  Additionally, she has her MBA, Bachelor's in Accounting, and is licensed to sell life insurance.


The more comprehensive version – working three physical labor jobs to make ends meet, ending up on academic probation as a result of being so exhausted from work and thus slacking in school, loaning cash to so called friends that would never be repaid, attending college full-time and then some in an effort to play catch up for lost time, going through a divorce, gaining 80 pounds, buying a home at 26, losing a job, receiving less unemployment benefits per month than the mortgage payment, cosigning on loans for temporary people in her life, digging herself out of double digit thousands of dollars in credit card debt, losing 70 pounds, investing too many resources in other people rather than prioritizing her own circumstances, making some poor life choices and STILL bouncing back, making pretty good money but STILL somehow mismanaging it, to FINALLY figuring out there IS a recipe for success if integrated consistently...sigh.  That’s only the physical history though - the more notable chronicles are the emotional traumas: experiencing feelings of hopelessness, thinking she was beyond help, accepting where she was as the norm and becoming stagnant, feeling anxious about the future because of lack of preparation, worrying and agonizing about bills and phone calls from debt collectors, fearing the rejection associated with taking risks, becoming complacent as a result of that, feeling anguished by the thought of letting those that depend on her down, and feeling beaten down and defeated by life in general…uber sigh.


Can you relate to any of those situations or feelings?  There IS a way out!  The recipe for success is a behavioral transformation.   


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