Who We Are

We are an organization dedicated to providing you with a plethora of services aimed at achieving an overall thriving financial picture.  We help establish the framework needed to create both momentum and lasting change.  Take our budgeting programs for example - it is our mission to develop you so dynamically that you no longer need that particular service from our portfolio of offerings.

What Makes Us Different

The Godiva difference is that we are NOT your typical outfit that solely focuses on one area of your finances.  GFR has been deliberately designed to be a one-stop shop for your basic fiscal needs and as such, we provide an all-encompassing view of where you are, where you strive to go, and of course the blueprint needed to bridge that gap. We offer budgeting solutions, tax preparation, resume writing, interview coaching, and goal setting to name a few.  While we honor discounts if you employ multiple services, you are not required to partake in them.


We address the source of the specific economic issues you may be facing, so that after you have completed a program, you can apply the teachings and habits that have been cultivated to take your financial vigor to the next level, at which point we wish you well.  We do not specialize in the areas of investing (outside of a retirement plan), insurance, or anything beyond the rudimentary fundamentals needed to empower you to conquer your finances.


We stick to areas that are within our realm of expertise rather than dabbling in those in which we do not possess abundant knowledge.  While we can provide recommendations for resources that we have personally worked with, by no means do we pressure you to utilize them.


Lastly, personal finance is PERSONAL!  There is no one size fits all approach to it.  We meet you where you are, determine the individual goals that you are seeking to achieve, and design a pragmatic road map to attack said goals.  In short, we PLAN THE WORK and then WORK THE PLAN!

Whom We Serve

We work with individuals who are ready for change, people who seek significant elevation, folks that need to get their foundations built and nurtured, and those that are tired of the mundane story of mediocrity since they know there is SSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO much more to life if they only had the right RESOURCES to aid them!  If this is YOU, get ready to take control of your financial affairs, my friend!

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